Signs of Heaven


Is a collection of mystical songs and poetry to take you into a new world of inspiration. All the songs and poems are written and produced by myself inspired by the eastern poets Tagore and Kahil Gabran.

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  1. The Veil – View Video
  2. Signs of Heaven
  3. Inseparable Link
  4. House of Everlasting Light
  5. Hosanna
  6. Inner Shine
  7. Wings of Heaven
  8. Beyond the Veil of Illusion
  9. Masters in Disguise
  10. Potion of Magic
  11. Eros
  12. Mission Accomplished
  13. Remember Who You Are
  14. The Land of Fay
  15. Atonement
  16. No Need To Try
  17. The House of Dreams
  18. The Sacred Clown
  19. You’re Not Alone
  20. The Magic Tree
  21. Dance of Life
  22. Inner Smile of the TAO
  23. Kuan Yin
  24. Dare of Dream
  25. Jewels of Wisdom
  26. The Call
  27. I Love You
  28. In love I am

“Linda’s art draws from the fountain head of pure feeling and inspiration, it transcends much of the saccharine beauty that passes for new age music.” – Dr E. Bilimoria

Linda has a beautiful voice & went around humming her song ‘Knight in Armour’ infinitum.” – Sarah Miles (film actress)


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